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What a year 2011 was! Speaking for the Narcolepsy Network and living in our diverse Las Vegas Valley spurred my idea for this blog. In a 24-hour city, we have people that work all hours of the day. Their lunch is at midnight while their significant other’s is at noon. We have children and still work 12 hour days. We are busy.

Whether you work in “the Industry” or at a hospital, we take care of others all day. When we clock-out, we check-out, and we tend to have no drive or energy to care for ourselves outside of the workplace. For those non-Las Vegans’, working in “the Industry” means anything having to do with The Strip. These are the people that make you feel better about your trip to Las Vegas, no matter what your actions were! Those who work for in the industry are those who check you in at the beginning of your magical weekend, those who serve you your $15 Cosmo, and the unseen that clean up your vomit from the tram.  Not only do we work all odd hours, but we are expected to be more attractive than the people you are used to seeing every day. I am not talking mascara and showered attractive. I mean fake eyelashes and extensions…for lack of a better term, “Porn Star hot.”  With these unrealistic expectations, it is ironic that various polls have found Las Vegas to be one of the fattest cities or the most gluttonous. Yes, we have a lot of restaurants, but like any major city in the US, we are unhealthy!

What do we need? A reality check! We need to look at our lives and figure out how we can feel better and eat better. We need to feel better in our skin by taking care of ourselves from the inside out. No matter your work hours, no matter your career goals, no matter your current weight, we all needs this. Vegas Vitality Nutrition will be a year long journey through Las Vegas lifestyle, food, and nightlife while eating well and feeling refreshed.

To show that significant weight loss can happen in the city of gluttony and sin, we will follow Matt throughout these blog entries. Matt is a 500 pound Las Vegan. He has about $40 a week for groceries and utilizes food pantries to fill the calorie gap.  He works two jobs, both at odd hours. He does not qualify for food stamps.  Unfortunately, he does not have health insurance. Iyan Breese and I will be helping Matt lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle within his situation. Iyan owns IBTraining and is a personal trainer.  Matt trains with him several days a week. You can see his training videos I meet with Matt once a month to help him with his nutrition and grocery shopping habits. I am available to him for phone and text questions as needed. For a little extra motivation, I have Matt share with me a motivational quote once a week.

Throughout the coming entries, I will detail my sessions with Matt, methods of finding your fitness personality, and most important of all, my experiences with nutrition in the Entertainment Capitol of the World, my home, Las Vegas.

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